“Only in Portland” – March 8th and 9th

Y’all ready to do it again?!? “Only In Portland” will poke fun at what makes Portland weird… vegan bums who wear rare Jordans, naked bike rides, the Blazers’ post player curse, etc. Most people in the Portland metro area aren’t from Oregon and always talk about how much they hate being here. But what they won’t admit is that without the clashes of cultures there wouldn’t be all the amazing food, independent music concerts and fine leather craftsmen! Through this show we hope to bring light to how different (in a good way of course) this city is!!

The event will last two days (yup, dos) this time, March 8th and 9th! Lemme break it down for y’all…

March 8th :: The Premier. Doors open at 7p, $5 at the door and $2 dranks. Come out and see art pieces from some of the dopest local and local-for-now artists in PDX. DJ Benofficial will start working the wheels at 9p and we’ll keep it going until they kick us out… at midnight. Food and non-alcoholic drinks on us. 21+ only, all art will premier this night and be up for sale; cash and card accepted. And like always we’ll be giving away stuff like crazy!!

March 9th :: Open House. From 11a-6p the space will be open for all ages to roll through, see the fine art pieces and hang out. It’ll be a lounge set-up with couches and light refreshments. Food carts will be outside theSLATE during lunch time if you’d like to hang around. Purchase art and GTG merchandise as well; cash and card accepted.

March 9th :: “MOUTHPIECE”. Open mic event for all the local talents of PDX. Show your skills or show love! 7p-10p, all ages welcome. $5 at the door, drinks and food will be on sale as well; cash only.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to New Avenues for Youth, a program that empowers youth get off the streets by teaching them life-skills, helping them finish school and helping find housing.  So come ready to dance, see, relax, witness, eat, hang, chill, buy, whatever!! See everybody on March 8th and 9th!!

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