Ice Cream Social Recap

Finally, what everybody’s been waiting for!! It’s was pretty darn awesome if you ask anybody who was there, so I waste your time with words – spend them on the pictures below!

Huge thanks to everybody who made it out! Without you guys it wouldn’t have been successful. Stay tuned for details on when we do it again, but bigger, better and iller!

Thank you to all the artists who put work in: Our featured artist Edmund “Mundo” Holmes, Erin Cochrane, Erick Goto, Umbereen Qureshi, Audrey Dessler, EJ, Risa Beck, Chad Little, Jamaal Galloway, the legendary E. Scott Morris and GTG’s resident artist and DJ, Ben Nethongkome. Jonny Cool on the beats and for rockin the show. Thanks to everybody who helped on the sidelines: My mommy and her best friend, my nephew Moose Louie, Luckey, Jarrod, Timi, Dre and Heather, Thuy, Andy, theSLATE crew, Ricky and Merry, Best Baguette and anybody else I may have missed. 

And of course, a special thanks to our sponsors: vitaminwater, Bengerminz Vodka, Pizza Schmizza, Ben and Jerry’s, SEI, and of course theSLATE, powered by Scion.

Photo credits to Charles Huynh, Thuy Nguyen, and Erin Cochrane.

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