San Mateo – Home of The Fatlace Paddock and the Express Caltrain


The next part of my SF diaries take me to San Mateo, a city just a short drive from Downtown San Francisco. When I travel I generally don’t make plans; I have goals. One of them were to really be a part of the city (thanks BK). The other was to hang with the old homie Mark Arcenal and see the Fatlace Paddock. Let’s just say I accomplished my goals for the weekend.

Just before he took me back into town the Giants game started. I’ve never seen a whole city so united… understandably so. Mark had the game on the radio and he was watching every stat on his phone! Dedication!!

Thanks again Mark for showing me around, for all the tips and for letting me see how it all goes down! You’re a monsta!!

* Life tip!! When it’s clearly written on the ground to stay behind the line, RESPECT THAT S**T!!!! *

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