Whip Wednesday (with a twist) :: Jakob Santos’ LDG Hammer

Yesterday I stumbled upon one of the dopest stores in a while – Livery Design Gruppe’s solo bike shop in Huntington Beach, CA. I saw a couple frames in the window from a distance, but had no clue what it was. As I got closer I noticed the paint scheme of the one of the Hurley x LDG collaboration bikes and immediately realized what I’d found!

We were politely greeted by a tatted, skinny cat rocking a flamo (not a typo) Hurley SnapBack. We quickly learned that he was Jakob Santos, one of the top freestyle fixed gear riders out there. You couldn’t get more authentic that one of the shop’s pro riders working there. The shop was really dope and I’m pretty sure I’ll be building a bike through them very soon.

Anyway, this Whip Wednesday is all about Jakob’s freestyle bike, a custom LDG Hammer. Custom painted fork, brushed chromoly frame and his hand made pedal straps. Many of the components are from his signature ‘Santos’ line.

I didn’t really get to question him too much on the components because we were mainly talking about his passion for the sport and its potential. Peep the pics for more detail and stay tuned for more from Mr. Santos and the GTG Fam!


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