Whip Wednesday :: Brendan’s Mazda2 on Bags

Today’s Wednesday Whip comes from the homie Brendan Hughes. If you know anything about me, you now I love Mazdas! I’ve been looking at getting a 04-06 Mazdaspeed3 Hatch  for a long while. For about a year I stalked his dumped 3 Hatch in the parking lot at work until I finally met it’s owner. Black body with lime green shoes and accessories… and then he sold it without consulting with me first. Depressing.

A few weeks ago I posted his latest project on Instagram. He scooped a Mazda2 brand new and I promise you it was only like 2 days until that thing was on bags!! Stupid clean car from a cool dude. I stopped by his desk a few days ago to ask him to bring the 2 out for the ABA Anniversary Party on Sept. 30th only to find that he was in the process of taking it back to stock – ugh!! Anyway, enjoy the pics that I stole! (Didn’t get too many facts from him; he doesn’t know I’m posting this)

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