“It’s the freakin weekend…”

You know the rest!

Well my weekend (last weekend that is) kinda started on Thursday. Headed downtown to meet with my old homie Kyle Yamaguchi. I’m sure you all know who he is and what he’s been up to lately. Anyway, mad good meeting! He’s a real smart cat with a lot more heat coming soon; definitely somebody I look up to. He was nothing but complimentary and encouraging about everything I was thinking. Hashtag yeahbuddy.

Next I scooted over to Compound and chopped it up with my man Ira for a bit. He had a lot of good input on GTG that I’ll surely be using! And I dont wanna give too much away but keep your eyes on him. After we talked a bit I popped upstairs to peep the screenprint show they premiered ‘An Ounce of Power’. Just a couple pics below. *DISCLAIMER* There is a curse word on one of them. My mommy would kill me if she found out but it was too dope to leave out. On the way out the door he hooked it up with a couple tickets to the Flying Lotus show. Preciate you! (Wasn’t able to make it tho)






Friday started out pretty well. Got a text from Bryan – guess we did good! Try to make if out to the ABA Anniversary and Car Show on Sept 30th! That night I went and picked up some passes to Musicfest NW from the homies at vitaminwater. (Lemme tell you, green wrist bands get you a lot of places real fast!) I headed over to the Wonder Ballroom to see A-Trak. It wasn’t bad, he didn’t play enough hip hop tho. While I was there though I got to chop it up with my man Keith who I met back in my Employee Store days. He and I used to hang every weekend! Anyway, looking forward to working with you mang!!




Honestly I don’t remember what I did on Sunday. I got this dope deal I just know it was a day filled with errands and lots of Ice Cream Social and ABA Anniversary Party… Just be ready for both!!

Peace and love y’all!
– Ian

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