Brand Reopening – ABA Auto Repair

What’s good y’all?!

A few weeks ago i asked my friend Bryan, “What’s up with your logo man… That joint is NOT the business!” I saw an opportunity for both of us and had to execute.

Today we had the opportunity to stop by the shop and review some of the logo options with him. Stay tuned for the more detailed post soon.

Be there for the logo unveiling at the Car Show and 2 Year Anniversary party on September 30th!! Free food, nice rides and celebrating a great dude for living his dream!

Peace and love
– Ian



3 responses to “Brand Reopening – ABA Auto Repair

  1. Bryan is totally awesome and I am so proud of him for 2 years of business! He has had this dream for as long I can remember and it is exciting to see it successful and growing! Go, bro!

  2. Congratulations Bryan!! We are sooooo proud of you and happy for you that you have your “dream come true” Here’s to many more years of achievement and personal satisfaction for you!

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